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5 tips to keep your navel clean, say goodbye to blackness, increase your confidence i
[Image: o2Rwoa.jpg]

Of course, taking care ofslotxoonly the face and body Still not enough for the girls Especially the navel, which is an area that is often neglected cleaned frequently. Causing black navel problems Until not confident to wear a shirt showing the waist Therefore, I would like to invite all the girls to pay more attention to taking care of their navel as well. The tips for keeping your navel clean can be done as follows.

1. Wash the soap bubbles thoroughly.
Did you know that the soap, whether it is a loaf or a liquid? Are all important components of fat Therefore, when washing the soap bubbles is not completely clean every time you shower. Inevitably causes soap bubbles to accumulate When accumulating for several days, it blackens. As a result, the skin around the navel is dirty and has a bad smell as well.

2. Dry the navel after each shower.
After every bath, women should wipe the skin around the body dry. Including the skin around the navel should use a towel to dry the inside of the navel as well. Because the skin of the navel is a hole. If there is water left, it can flow into the navel. If you feel that the inside of the navel is not dry with a towel It is recommended to use a cotton swab to wipe the navel dry. Because this method will ensure that the damp and mold will not occur in the navel for sure.

3. Use baby oil to clean.
Cleaning with baby oil Or you can choose to use beeswax, whichever is more convenient It is advisable to soak a cotton bud soaked in baby oil or beeswax. And then wipe the inside of the navel If there is a bad smell It is recommended to continue wiping with a new cotton swab. Until there is no smell Then close it with a towel dampened with warm water and wipe clean the navel again.

4.Clean with alcohol
As for cleaning the navel with alcohol Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. And then wipe the inside of the navel If there is a black color on the cotton ball Replace it with a new one, dip it in alcohol and wipe it again. Keep doing this Until there is nothing on the cotton ball Continue to use water to wipe the alcohol around the navel. Then closed with a clean shower

5. Adjust hormones to be normal.
Normalization of hormones Most often, this method is used by pregnant women. Because pregnancy causes hormonal changes, resulting in black navel. But after giving birth to the baby The black color around the navel will fade away and will return to normal skin after taking care of it. But if the black mark on the navel has not disappeared It is recommended to consult a medical professional to find a way to adjust the hormones to return to normal.

It can be seen that neglecting to take care of the skin around the navel. Resulting in black navel And may have a bad smell as well That is because the navel may have accumulated dirt or mold. Therefore, it is recommended to women. Apply the tips to keep your navel clean and apply them together. In order to at least be confident that you can wear clothes showing your waist.

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