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Sunderland health chiefs concerned over vaccine supplies
Sunderland health chiefs concerned over vaccine supplies

[Image: 27f7377a-1ad0-45be-8f3a-205f01ffa7e1.jpg]

Sunderland’s vaccination centres may be forced to spend half the week shuttered because
of limited supplies.

Health chiefs have made good progress so far, giving jabs to about two thirds of the city’s
care home workers and predicting all care home residents will have received a first dose
by the end of the week.

But a rush to continue the work among priority groups may see demand quickly outstrip

Deputy chief officer at Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:
"Vaccination centres can only be open if we have vaccines.

“We’ve got staff ready to vaccinate, but any centre might only get enough vaccines to
vaccinate three days out of seven.

“You’re as likely to walk past a vaccine centre and see it closed as open because
we haven’t got as much vaccine as we would like.”

About 125,000 people in Wearside are in the government’s top 10 vaccine priority groups,
including the over 50s and health and social care workers.

All six of Sunderland’s primary care networks (PCNs) are expected to be ready to start
administering jabs by 13 January.

Health chiefs however have insisted the city has received its "fair share" of the national

Dr Fadi Khalil, a GP and the CCG’s vice chairman, added: “Where you see closed
[vaccine centres] it is because of vaccine supply.

“When we get [Pfizer] vaccines we have to use them within three days, so once we’re
out the gates are shut."

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