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What is the difference between Web Design & Web development?
Web design and web development go hand in hand but there’s a difference between the two. One focuses on the visuals while the other on performance. Imagine a car without an engine, will it run on the roads? No. Unless it’s towed. Similarly, a website with just a web design has no functionality. This is just a simple way to describe both web design and web development. But, if both need to be done together, then why do development service offering companies mention, ‘Web Designing and development company’? Why is the design and development part written separately? Let’s break down the difference between both of these in a few steps.

Difference in Functions
As the term goes, web designing is about getting your website’s face designed. A web designer will work with your business idea and create a web design that works best for your business and creates an impact. Setting Menu’s, pages, layouts are also the job of a web designer. He basically builds a prototype of your website, on how it’s going to look. Web design has no functionality, it’s merely a design of your potential website. A Web Developer, on the other hand, works in developing the backend of your website. Developers add functionality to a website template either using programming languages. Remember the car example we mentioned earlier? A web developer works on the engine of your website while a web designer works on the outer body. 

The difference in Tools Used
A web designer and web developer have different functionalities and thus the tools used for web design and web development are different too. You need tools like wireframe designers, UI, UX designer software, knowledge of HTML, CSS, to create a web design. For web development, you would need coders who excel in the programming language they’ve learned. Since Web Development is related to hard coding, your web developer will complete is work using Javascript, PHP, React, or other programming languages. He might also use other tools for compilation to run and test the web application.

These two are the very basic differences between web design and web development. However, if you are looking to get a website it is advisable that you get both the services from the same company. Companies like Essence Software Solutions, have dedicated teams that work on both web designing and web development. This particular company can build an excellent website or web application for you in a short span of time. You can check out their website to know more.
Website designing and development are two basic things in website creation. Designing and development both are important. Both played a major role in a website.
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